Sunday, November 13, 2011

the bradley fam.

David Bradley.  Drinks milk from the carton.  Loves his donuts.  Almost-advanced Spanish speaker.  Expert air-guitar player.  Ex-misionero.  Soccer player.  Ronaldo fan (for different reasons).  Freakin' hottie.  Muy inteligente.

Laura Bradley.  Luscious locks.  Heart-breaker.  MA's sista from anotha mista.  Fists of steel.  Españolablante.  Freakin' hottie.  Chem genius.  Exercise science major.  World traveler.  Pro Irish dancer.  Avid sports fan.

Matt Bradley.  Muy simpático.  Practically perfect in every way.  Soccer player.  Future misionero.  Intelligence beyond compare.  Chick magnet.  


  1. one day ill be a bradley, whether its with matt or david. love them.

  2. me and laura's slumber party WILL happen.