Saturday, August 21, 2010

taxes, high heels, and summer.

Okay, so I have three very different things to write about right now so just bear with me. =)

Taxes: Today I finally got this check that I've been waiting for...a check I really, really need!  It was money taken out of my check for a retirement plan when I worked for the school system in Florida but when I stopped working there I had the option to just withdraw the money.  Of course, I didn't know any of this until I got home this summer but I immediately filled out the paper work and I have been waiting for my check ever since!  Anyways, so I finally got it today and do you want to know something?  I. Am. TICKED.  Our "lovely" federal government took 1/5 of my hard earned money!  I have never really been too interested in politics or government issues or anything of the sort.  I try to be the best person I can be and help others by doing so.  But let me tell you something, now I'm interested!  I work long and hard for my money and it's MY money!!  When I was in Georgia last month, Ally, Kryslin and I went to Atlanta and while we were walking around, this supposedly homeless guy stopped us and asked for money.  When we said we didn't have any on us, he said, and I quote, "Well, can't you go to an ATM or something and get some?"  Okay, usually I feel really bad for those people and want to help...and I really do want to help!  But how can you have the nerve to ask someone to go out of their way to give you some of their hard earned money while you bum around all day begging when you could be out looking for a job?!?!  Honestly, it makes me so frustrated, I don't even think you understand!!  And that's how I feel again....1/5 of MY MONEY is going to the government to be used for who knows what.  I want to help, I really do.  And that is precisely why I pay tithing -- to help those in need and thank my Heavenly Father for all the blessings in my life.  But you know what?  If you're struggling financially and are capable, go out and find a job!!  You may not get your dream job right away but try to find a job instead of just whipping out some sob story and begging people for their hard earned money!  Ughhhhh.  Anyways, I'm glad I got that out there because now that I see how limited money is for me and my family, every penny counts.  And at school, when I'm super busy working and studying, every hour, every minute of work matters.  And it frustrates me to think that I work several hours pretty much for free or just for the benefit of someone or something else that I may never even reap the benefits of.

High Heels: Oh my lanta, I may actually be growing up.  It's kind of a scary feeling.  After 18 years of my mother's constant reminders of how I must "act like a lady" by using a fork and knife instead of my fingers and not burping, her wishes may actually be coming true.  Kind of, at least.  I've decided that I'm tired of people thinking I'm twelve years old, so I'm going to try to look and act a little more my age.  Really, being a girl can be so difficult.  I mean, no one pressures boys to wear makeup, dresses, and high heels.  Their jeans are made with pockets big enough to hold a wallet, cell phone, and keys while girls have to resort to carrying purses.  But it's time for me to stop complaining and man up (I mean, woman up)!  So tonight, I went to a quinceanera at the church and I got to wear a cute dress and for the first time in my life, I drove with my high heels on and I actually kept them on for most of the night!  I was so proud of myself; I'm not really good with heels (even though I own like ten pairs....still working on my collection).  And I decided that when I dress nice, I feel so much better!  You know how on bummer days you just want to throw your hair up and put on sweats?  Well, I think that if on days like that I make an effort to just look a little nicer, my day will go a little better!  So that's my goal for this new school year...I'm going to actually try to look decent and alive.  And shower every day. =)

Summer: Okay last segment of this post....summer is pretty much officially over.  I think I've already talked about my summer enough in previous posts so I'll just give a few closing thoughts. =)  All in all, it's been a pretty great summer.  I've had a lot of fun.  I've caught up with old friends and made new friends.  I've had adventures.  I've spent more time with my family (almost too much).  I've realized how much I miss my ex-roommates/wonderful friends.  I appreciate Provo much more than I did when I left.  And I've learned so much more about how to be frugal (you know, because the government takes all my money!).  I can't believe it's over, but I'm so excited to head to Provo on Tuesday!  Just two and a half days and I'll be back.  And I am determined to make this year even better than freshman year!  So brace yourself, Provo, here I come =)

Playlist Update: (just some songs/excerpts of songs that made me smile today):
Check Up On It - Beyonce
Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
"Walking gets boring when you learn how to fly" and "I won't cry, I'm too young to die" - Shakira
Kiss Me Thru the Phone - Soulja Boy
Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson (I already listed this one, but it's one of my new favorites!)

Peace out, homeskillet <3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

rated PG for disturbing images and ... grossness.


Seriously, Karen, don't read it.  And anyone else who might have a weak stomach might want to stop here as well.

Okay, final warning, NOT read this post.

So, in honor of these past two days during which I have felt very sick and gross, I'm reminded of a random fact about myself that I am actually kind of proud of (in a weird sort of way): I have never thrown up in the toilet.

So here's my "vomiting history" from what I can remember:

* When I was little, if I was sick, I would wake up in the middle of the night and go to my mom's room and tell her I was sick.  My dear, sweet mother would let me sleep with her and within about ten minutes I would throw up all over her bed.  I think that happened at least twice during my childhood.  And I love my mom for never getting mad at me and quietly and gently letting me go back to sleep (in my own bed) while she cleaned it up.
* One Christmas, my dad was coming to my house to pick me up and take me out to lunch.  I specifically told my mom that I was feeling sick but she must've been really busy or something because she didn't take much notice.  My dad came and picked me up and we went to Perkins for lunch.  Before we could even order, I threw up all over the booth bench.  I was crying and I remember going home, looking at my mom with tear-filled eyes and saying, "I told you I was sick."  I still feel for that poor, poor Perkins busboy who had to clean it up.
* One day in the first grade, I got on the bus feeling really nauseous.  I told the girl I sat next two that I was feeling sick and she told me I should visit the nurse.  But I was extremely shy when I was little (I know, who'da thunk?) so I didn't.  Well, during recess, I was on the playground by the monkey bars and I threw up all over the mulch.  And my dear best friend at the time (Samantha) was so sweet while all the other students were cringing and she took me to the nurse's office where they cleaned me up and made me feel so much better.  Turns out the nurse wasn't so scary after all!  After that day, I went to her for every little thing from a scrape to a headache.
* Jumping ahead a few years (I think I was nine)...I was on my way home from our bowling league with my friends Hannah and Karl and their dad.  We were smooshed together in the cab of a truck and we stopped at the drive-thru to a restaurant.  I can't remember which restaurant but the smell of fish wafted all the way through the open window into the truck and I "lost my lunch" right there, all over everybody.  It was a miracle Hannah would still be friends with me after that.  But, of course, I have never eaten fish since that day and I never will.
* My Sophomore year in high school, I was feeling so sick on this day.  But, of course, me being me, I couldn't miss a day of school!  So I went to school anyways and I was walking somewhere during class (I can't remember where or why, but thank goodness the halls were empty) when suddenly, I keeled over and threw up all over the concrete sidewalk.  To this day you can still see the huge stain.  It's really gross, but at least I left my mark.
* And finally, a little over a year ago, at the end of my Senior year, I was sick again (this time I stayed home from school).  I was living with my dad and I knew he wouldn't be so kind as to quietly clean up my vomit as my mom would be so I was sure to have a plan B (because I am clearly incapable of making it to the toilet).  So I kept some plastic bags by my bed and lo and behold, when the time came, I was ready.  I took the bags, tied them up, put them in the bath tub, and asked my dad to throw them in the dumpster while I went back to bed.  And thanks to that last incident, I can no longer eat Lipton noodle soup.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that little history of me getting sick.  Really, I am crazy to even remember every single time I've thrown up and even crazier to write a blog about it.  I'm so sorry if you actually read all of that.  On the bright side, I'm feeling much better today!  Peace out, y'all.


Monday, August 16, 2010

525,600 minutes.

So.  I will be back in Provo in 7 days and 20 hours.  That's 188 hours11280 minutes676800 seconds.

I'm kind of sad to be leaving home...I'm definitely going to miss my mom and our long conversations.  I'm going to miss random rainstorms that soak me through to the bone when I walk five feet to my car.  I'm going to miss the beach.  I'm going to miss my friends here.  I'm going to miss babies at church and cute old couples who are so in love after being married for fifty years.  And I'm definitely going to miss all this free time.

Sunday night iChat dates =)
So what exactly is so exciting about Provo?  Well three things in particular: Emily Baer, Karen Kleinman, and Victoria Fox.  Karen, I don't care if you're living on the other side of campus, I will still walk all the way over there to jump into your bed.  Emily, same for you.  You might as well just get an extra key for me because I'm going to be over there all the time.  And Victoria, you're living right upstairs from me....I don't think anything else really needs to be said about that.  Can you tell I have separation issues??

So faaar awaaay
Packing with Karen
Also, and I never thought I would say this, but I am so ready to be back in school and back at work.  I know, crazy, huh?  Especially since I complain about my dear co-workers pretty much every day.  But really, school is pretty much the only constant in my life and work brings in $$ which I am very much in need of right about now.  And the best part is, both keep my mind occupied, which is always nice.

Sunday night, I found this box of old family photos and Mother's Day cards and Father's Day cards and Christmas cards.  I spent about an hour looking through the box...half of the time I was laughing my head off and the other half I was crying like a baby!  Haha but it was so much fun.  I loved reading all the old cards and looking at the old pictures.  Let me tell you, I was an ugly child. Really, it's no wonder why I can't date boys I grew up with....they still remember the psycho-looking Luisa!  But anyways, it was fun to look at how our family has changed and progressed over the years.  And I loved looking back at old memories in that teeny-tiny house in good ol' Dunnellon, FL. 

Music is the best way for me to express how I'm feeling so here's a little bit of what's on my mind right now.  Don't judge. =)

Current Playlist:
Love the Way You Lie - Eminem
Fotografia - Juanes & Nelly Furtado
Glitter In the Air - P!nk
Unbeautiful - Lesley Roy
Stay - Lisa Loeb
The Fear You Won't Fall - Joshua Radin
Think of You - A Fine Frenzy
Sweet About Me - Gabriella Cilmi (Thank you Jason)
Picture to Burn - Taylor Swift
Gives You Hell - All American Rejects
Be OK - Ingrid Michaelson


Monday, August 2, 2010

Isabel Olea.

She's here, she's here, she's here, she's heeeeeere!!!  My beautiful niece was born this morning (August 2, 2010) at 3:03 a.m.  She's 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and 20 inches long.  She has long fingers which means she has Hernandez genes.  She "talks" a lot -- especially in her sleep -- which means we're definitely related.  And she's absolutely beautiful which means she must be the offspring of my gorgeous sister.

My parents gave me a call early Sunday morning and picked me up from church in Gainesville (after spending a great weekend with Jenni, Lucas, and Carson) and we headed straight to Georgia.  We left to the hospital around about 11:30 pm and waited and waited until finally the baby was born.  We got back to my sister's house around 6:30 am, went to bed, and woke up again around 9:30 this morning.  Soooo to sum all that up -- I am exhausted.  I can hardly think straight right now but I'm so happy Isabel is here!  And I'm so proud of my sister for enduring all of the pain 100% naturally.  What a trooper. =)

I love my family.  This has definitely been the highlight of my summer.  What a blessing it is to be in the presence of such a pure and innocent soul who is still so close to our Heavenly Father.  She truly is a miracle.  It blows my mind how she can be so tiny yet so whole and so perfect.  She has the cutest little heart-shaped mark on the tip of her nose.  I love her so much and I'm so grateful I'm able to be here for the first couple weeks of her life.  I love my Heavenly Father and I love the Plan of Salvation.  And I love the newest addition to our family, my beautiful, most perfect niece -- Isabel Olea
<3 Auntie Lulu