Tuesday, November 15, 2011

en mi corazon vivirás.

Because I love Spanish.  Because I love this song.  Because I love Tarzan.  And because I love Phil Collins.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the bradley fam.

David Bradley.  Drinks milk from the carton.  Loves his donuts.  Almost-advanced Spanish speaker.  Expert air-guitar player.  Ex-misionero.  Soccer player.  Ronaldo fan (for different reasons).  Freakin' hottie.  Muy inteligente.

Laura Bradley.  Luscious locks.  Heart-breaker.  MA's sista from anotha mista.  Fists of steel.  Españolablante.  Freakin' hottie.  Chem genius.  Exercise science major.  World traveler.  Pro Irish dancer.  Avid sports fan.

Matt Bradley.  Muy simpático.  Practically perfect in every way.  Soccer player.  Future misionero.  Intelligence beyond compare.  Chick magnet.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I never thought I would break down, but the time has come.

I am getting a kindle.

I still don't know if it's totally worth it to buy an eBook reader when I could be working toward getting real books for my future library (it will happen) but I know it definitely will be worth it over Thanksgiving break and when I head to Peru next semester.  I now have a whole extra half of a suitcase that I can use for clothes that would have otherwise been used for books.  Thank you technology.

In other news.... well there really is none.  Let's be honest, my life isn't too exciting.  However, with the help of several ISys 201 TA's, I did complete my programming project and finally have a glimpse into what it's like to be a computer programmer like my dad.  Final conclusion: that is most definitely not what I want to do with my life.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween 2011.

So here's some insight into my life.

MA and I were walking home from the library Thursday night and it just so happened to be that time of month when every girl receives a monthly gift from her Aunt Flo.  We were talking about various problems that generally come with this gift (quite loudly, might I add.... sometimes we forget that we're not at home) when a boy walked right past us.  We looked at each other and just burst into giggles like twelve-year-old girls when he turned around and said, "Yep, I heard it!"  I expected him to just keep walking but he waited for us and we then proceeded to walk all the way down the ramp having a typical conversation.  And here's the best part: when we got to the bottom, he asked for our numbers and invited us to hang out with him and some friends the next night.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at such an awkward meeting.

In other news: we ran in the Provo Monster Mile & 5K on Saturday morning as Harry Potter and Hedwig.  We didn't win the costume contest (not that I'm bitter or anything...) but it was still fun.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the burg.

"Yes, you da ho."

"Michael-Ann, what was it that you said the other day that had me rolling on the floor laughing?"
"Rofling, perhaps?"

I think these two quotes accurately describe my weekend trip to Rexburg.  It was fun to be back with the whole family (and by "whole family" I mean the five people I toured all of Spain with).  The trip up and  back were just like old times--David and Michael-Ann driving each other crazy and Laura and I singing along to the tunes.  Oh and don't forget our family dinner: taste testing everyone's meals, struggling to split the check, and just enjoying each others company.

The whole weekend was pretty much just a fun excuse to hang out with each other and reminisce about our fun days traveling Europe.

Basically, I can't think of anything to blog about right now.  Except that I went to my first haunted maze this weekend (thank you Laura for holding my hand the entire time).  I was scared out of my wits.  I actually shed a tear when we got separated from Kailie and David.  And I almost peed my pants several times.  But it was definitely fun and got me in the Halloween spirit.

And I think I decided Idaho is actually a pretty nice place.  I mean, I would never live there and I'm glad I chose Provo over Rexburg (it's way too cold up there), but I actually kind of liked it.  I would go back to visit Kales.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

my first encounter with the cops.

Picture this: it's raining outside, I'm walking up from the parking garage with my roommate (Michael-Ann, of course...see previous post) with a huge pile of clothes in my arms.  I walk up to my door to see a policewoman standing there.

Policewoman: Is this your apartment?
Me: Yes..
Her: I'm looking for a Luisa Chil.
Me: (heart drops to stomach) That would be me.
Her: The laptop you are currently in possession of is stolen property.
Me: (about to vomit) Um...what?

She went on to explain (quite menacingly) that my laptop had been stolen in 2008 and, because I took it to the bookstore to get fixed, Apple contacted the owner who then called the police who traced it back to me.

I explained to her that my mom had bought the computer for me from my sister before I left for Spain.  She kept asking me how my sister got the computer but I didn't know so finally I just asked if I could call her.  I've never dealt with a police officer before so I had no idea what was okay and what was going to get me in trouble.  I called my sister and got my brother-in-law.  He answered the phone and all I said was, "Sonny, there's a police officer at my apartment saying my computer was stolen..." and that's about when the tears came and I ended with, "I don't know what to do, please help me!"  I explained the situation to him and then just relinquished the phone so that he could explain to the officer that he bought the computer from Craigslist three years ago.

Anyway, I guess the officer finally came to the conclusion that we were both innocent, (as I am sitting in the zebra chair, crying) so she called the "victim" (personally, I think I am more the victim than this lady was), and told me I have until Wednesday to clear the computer and take it to the police station.  Oh, and might I add, I need a laptop for all of my classes (except this one...thanks Shayne!) so my dearest mother has just shipped her laptop to me express to get it by Wednesday.

I don't think I have ever experienced anything so scary as having a police officer at my door looking for me.  Needless to say, it's been a rough day.  But hey, at least I have something good to blog about this week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

meet MA Oslund

I don't like blogging.

So I have this new roomie.  Her name is Michael-Ann (boy's name, right?).  We have bought Dran-O three times in the last two weeks.  I don't sit on our floor anymore (she has really long hair).  She likes to do things on the internet under my name.  She says ROFL.  Her voice can reach decibel levels never before reached by mankind.  She has a smart mouth.

But she makes me cookies.  And meatball rolls (I know they sound gross, but I swear they're delicious).  By the way, meatball rolls consist of frozen meatballs and frozen rolls.  She can't cook.  And she almost just died in our room.  She is an amazing singer.  Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

We've crossed the Atlantic ocean together.  And we've jumped out of a plane together.

Roomies para siempre.