Sunday, October 30, 2011

halloween 2011.

So here's some insight into my life.

MA and I were walking home from the library Thursday night and it just so happened to be that time of month when every girl receives a monthly gift from her Aunt Flo.  We were talking about various problems that generally come with this gift (quite loudly, might I add.... sometimes we forget that we're not at home) when a boy walked right past us.  We looked at each other and just burst into giggles like twelve-year-old girls when he turned around and said, "Yep, I heard it!"  I expected him to just keep walking but he waited for us and we then proceeded to walk all the way down the ramp having a typical conversation.  And here's the best part: when we got to the bottom, he asked for our numbers and invited us to hang out with him and some friends the next night.  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard at such an awkward meeting.

In other news: we ran in the Provo Monster Mile & 5K on Saturday morning as Harry Potter and Hedwig.  We didn't win the costume contest (not that I'm bitter or anything...) but it was still fun.  

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