Sunday, September 11, 2011

decisions, decisions.

As most of you already know, I just got back from a study abroad in Spain this April.  I had the best semester of my life this past winter living in Spain and traveling to France, Portugal, Italy, and England.  I came back to Provo grudgingly but prepared to take on the next two years in Provo until I graduate and am home free.

But after visiting with my director from Spain the other day, I may have revamped my life plan yet again.

First of all, I decided that I think I want to go on to get an MPA.  I had never even considered graduate school before now.  I just wanted to get my Bachelor's degree and be done with school forever.  But then I realized that I will still be young when I graduate so why not keep trying to get as much education as I can?  Plus, I don't really know how to live my life without school, so I kind of want to prolong it as long as I can.  And on top of all that, an MPA will help me take my business degree and channel it toward something more productive than looking good on a financial statement.

The second thing I discovered is BYU's student exchange program.  The Marriott School has a program through which you directly enroll in a business school in a different country and live there for a semester or two.  And here's the best part - the only extra costs are for airfare and visas.  Aside from that, I just have to pay BYU tuition, food, and housing.  So, needless to say, I have been unable to focus on my classes this week because all I can think about is moving to my grandparents' house in Peru or creating a whole new life for myself in Portugal.  I really just don't think I was ever meant to stay in one place for too long.  But if it means I get to live in a different country again, I think I'll take it.

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