Sunday, September 25, 2011

the watter bottle.

This is an obituary for my old water bottle (may it rest in peace).

At the beginning of sophomore year, I went to Target in search of a water bottle.  After researching all my options, I chose a stainless steel bottle with a greenish tint, flowers on the outside, and a red lid that popped open with the click of a button.

May you rest in peace.
That water bottle has been with me through thick and thin.  It endured all of fall semester with me, chose to go on a study abroad with me, and traveled all through Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, and England with me.  I used that water bottle all summer.  It was perfect.  I never spilled when I was drinking from it (unless I was laughing).  It always kept my water nice and cold even after being in a hot car for a long time.  I love that water bottle.

And now I take you back to that fateful day: August 6, 2011, in the Atlanta airport.  I had accidentally left a tablespoon of water in my water bottle but failed to realize so until I went through security and they told me I had two options: empty the water bottle and go back through or throw it away.  Obviously, I wasn't going to throw away such a prized possession, so I went back, emptied the bottle, and proceeded through security.  I put the water bottle back in my backpack that was about to burst open because it was so full.  I got on the tram and headed toward my gate then headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face (it was like six in the morning).  As I reached back to take a drink of water, my beloved water bottle was nowhere to be found.  I searched the whole bathroom and then backtracked all the way to the tram and found nothing.  I started panicking a little bit and tried to think if I had heard it fall out.  Nothing.  My precious water bottle that had been with me through so much was lost forever.  I almost cried.

Creating new memories with the Camelbak.
Anyway, I have since purchased a new water bottle that I am satisfied with.  It's a purple camelbak--BPA free.  But nothing will ever quite compare to the experiences I shared with that perfect first water bottle.

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